Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wave Afghan

No, it's not exactly a Ripple pattern but it sure looks a lot like one. I actually made this design by mistake! I misunderstood a friend who was telling me the pattern and didn't realize it until I was half way through making the Afghan! I sometimes joke around and say, " It's a ripple rip-off'. :) All in all it turned out really nice and it looks fantastic for my first Afghan. I gaveit to my mother for Mother's Day this year because she liked it so much and she just loves it. It tok me about a month and a half to finish because my mind kept wandering and plus its for a king sized bed! But it will probably only take you a couple of weeks to finish.I used plain old Redheart, worsted weight yarn. But you can most certainly use whatever yarn you like!I hope you enjoy this project! For pattern just ask. I also made crocheted pillows that I designed to go along with the Afghan. For their pattern just ask to!