Sunday, September 27, 2009

Links to the ebooks are fixed

Sorry about that. The link is now fixed for both underlined.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

5 Free Craft ebooks

Thanks to my sister Wisconsin Coupon Mommy for this great find!

Here is the link for her blog where you can find the 5 Free Craft E-books:o)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall is Approaching

You know that fall is slowly approaching when the Hostas begging to bloom, the apples are falling from their massive trees, and the days and nights beginning to be cooler each day. The smell of Autumn in the air tells us knitters and crocheters that our busiest time of the year has arrived! Fall is when we begin frantically knitting and crocheting hats, mittens, scarves, socks, and any other thing we can manage to whip up for gifts before Christmas. I certainly know that being back at school now means less time to knit and crochet but I will be always finding time to do either one.

Speaking of fall, let's talk about fall fashion. Everyone leans towards earthy, some jewel, and fall tones maybe even bold reds and oranges that make a statement. Whatever you knit or crochet cables are in the big, the bold, and the beautiful ones, even tiny cables. Also whats in is color work and simple designs. It seems that now days less it more meaning that if you knit a cardigan in a nice deep rust with simple textures like a few large cables sitting in a field of purl and knit stitches can look amazing even though its simplicity. It's really simplicity that counts!

In our hurting economy in America it seems to be a growing trend especially this year that we tend to knit or crochet gifts that are simple yet lovely for those we love. I highly recommend knitting and crocheting gifts this year for the ones that you love, but always remember that you shouldn't spend days on a knit or crocheted gift for someone that won't appreciate it. Don't waste your time on people that won't care. Also you can find wonderful yarns that are inexpensive. Take a look at knitpicks or WEBS or maybe even host a swap at your LYS and who knows you might end up with someones trash that is now your treasure! I recommend that you go searching for yarns that are less expensive first before you spend your life savings on really expensive yarns you never know what you might find. Give it a try!Whatever you do just remember to knit or crochet from the heart and love what you have made. Don't go through life pointing out your mistakes but pointing out your accomplishments and creations!

Right now I am currently working on knit socks, a knit tam, a crocheted granny square afghan, a crocheted lace sweater. I am also dyeing more yarn each day and will soon have pictures of everything as soon as I can:o)