Monday, July 12, 2010

Its time to start clearing your stash!

You all know that you have that yarn that you bought for a project that you really wanted to knit or crochet. And then, big shocker, you didn't make it, and there the yarn still sits. Well now its time to start using up that stash of yours. Just think of it as making room for new yarn! Which in return gives you a reason to buy more!

Here are a few simple ideas that you can use to stashbust:

Knit/crochet an afghan in a particular colorway, mixing lots of different yarns
Make mittens/Hats/Scarves for charity
Donate the yarn to a good cause
Make pillows to match your mis-match afghan
Make something felted like a bag, or slippers

Now wouldn't it feel better to use up some of that yarn to make room for all of the new yarn you recently purchased, but still havent told your spouse you had bought it!

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